Monday, September 9, 2013


Swimming around Bartoo Island Swimming around Bartoo Island

I was anxious to start running again but instead the physical therapists decided I shouldn’t run OR ride.  That was disappointing, especially since I was just starting to have some strength again on the bike after riding so long without clipless pedals. Apparently, it’s my bike, not my running that has been causing my hip pain.  Without riding, my hip did begin to feel much better.  I thought that not riding was a compromise that would bring me to running sooner, but I never did get to run in September.


Instead I swam.  I swam around Baratoo islands, the last of the islands at Priest Lake.   Pete and I drove up to Priest Lake on a Wednesday early in September.  It was a perfect day, there wasn’t a boat on the lake and it was 90 degrees.  The water was warm and I didn’t even need my wetsuit.  It was a great way to end summer.


My friend Jayne and I drove to Seattle one weekend to take a couch over to my brother Chris and his wife Carolyn.  I hadn’t spent much time with Jayne but she seemed like she would be good company on the trip and someone that could handle my brother’s crazy dogs.  She was!  We went to a Seattle Sounders game and hiked Little Mount Si with Carolyn.  Chris was out of town touring with his band The Maldives.  They got back on Sunday and played a show in Auburn so we all went to watch.  It was a fun weekend and I got a chance to form a good friendship with Jayne.


From new friends to old, I went to Philadelphia to visit Erin, my best friend from growing up.  She showed me all of Philly, on foot.  The first day she said we could walk downtown.  After an hour of walking she said we were almost there, another half hour later, we FINALLY arrived.  My feet were sore.  And we still had to walk home!  I’m not cut out for that kind of exercise.  After a couple of days of walking, I adapted, and started to enjoy our four hour walking days.  Philly was a fun city with lots of art and sights to see.  It’s always fun to catch up with Erin and her husband Zolton.