Race Results

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Date Event Results
April 28 St. Anthony's 5150
May 19 Kansas 5150
May 26 New Orleans 5150
June 22 Philly Tri
July 13 Lifetime Fitness Minneapolis
July 27 Giant Eagle
July 27 Giant Eagle
August 25 Lifetime Fitness Chicago
September 2 5150 Championship (pending qualification)
September 22 Lifetime Fitness Tempe
October 6 Lifetime Fitness Dallas
October 20 Lifetime Fitness Oceanside


Date Event Results
June 9 Moses Lake Olympic Distance Triathlon 1st Place Woman
July 8 Valley Girl Triathlon 1st Place Woman
July 21 Fat Salmon 3 mile Swim 2nd Place Woman
July 22 Seafair Sprint Triathlon 1st Overall
August 4 Long Bridge Swim 2nd Woman
August 5 Troika Triathlon 2nd Place Female Team, fastest swim split
August 11 Coeur d'Alene Scenic Challenge Triathlon 1st Place Woman
August 29 Lifetime Fitness Chicago Triathlon 10th Place Woman
September 9 Sundae Sunday 10 Miler 3rd Place Woman
September 23 Galveston 5150 3rd Place Woman
September 30 Herbalife LA Triathlon 8th Place Woman
October 6 Colbert Autumn Classic Half Marathon 1st Place Woman
October 27 Pumpkin Pacer 5k 2nd Place Woman


Date Event Results
February 20 Rev3 Costa Rica Olympic 3rd Place
March 5 ITU Spring Nationals, Clermont, FL 11th Place
May 1 Wildflower, CA 9th Place
May 15 New Orleans 5150 1st Place
May 22 Memphis in May 2nd Place
June 11 Boise 70.3 10th Place
June 25 Monroe ITU 3rd Place
July 9 Boulder Peak 5150 3 rd Place
July 29 Giant Eagle Triathlon 3 rd Place
August 20 Kelowna ITU 4 th Place
September 5 Hy-Vee 5150 Championship 10 th Place
September 10 Triathlon at Pacific Grove 3 rd Place
September 23 Buffalo ITU DNF due to bike crash


Date Event Results
May 1 Wildflower Long Course DNF due to bike problem
August 22 Canadian Nationals in Kelowna, BC 11th Place
September 11 Triathlon at Pacific Grove in Monterey, CA 1st Place
September 25 USAT Elite National Championship, Alabama 12th Place
October 2 Tinley's Triathlon, San Louis Obispo, CA 1st Place
October 17 PATCO Championships, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 8th Place


Date Event Results
May 2 Wild Flower Half Ironman 11th Place
May 16 Oklahoma PATCO Pan American Championship 13th Place
May 25 Capital of Texas ITU Triathlon, Austin, TX 12th Place
June 13 Boise 70.3 7th Place
July 10 San Francisco Triathlon DNF - swim accident
August 23 Canadian Nationals, Kelowna, BC 11th Place
September 12 Triathlon at Pacific Grove, Monterey, CA 4th Place
October 3 Tinley's Triathlon, San Louis Obispo, CA 2nd Place
October 24 2009 Long Course Triathlon World Championship, Perth, Australia 17th Place
November 13 70.3 World Championships, Clearwater, FL


Date Event Results
April 21 PATCO Champs, Mazatlan, Mex - ITU Triathlon 20th Place Women
May 18 Memphis in May 5th Place Pro Women
June 5 Boise 70.3 9th Place Pro Women
July 14 Musselman Triathlon-Geneva, NY 7th Place
July 21 NYC Triathlon Did not finish (bike failure)
August 19 Kelowna, BC - ITU Triathlon 7th Place Pro Women
September 9 Pacific Grove Triathlon-CA 3rd Place
September 13 Triathlon at Pacific Grove, CA 6th Place Pro Women
September 20 USAT Elite National Championships (Portland) 10th Overall Pro
October 5 Longhorn 70.3 12th Place Pro Women
November 10 Treasure Island-San Fransisco, CA 12th Place


Date Event Results
May 20 Honolulu, HI - ITU Triathlon 15th Place Pro Women
June 10 Blue LakeTriathlon, Troutdale, OR 1st Place Women
July 14 Geneva, NY - ITU Triathlon 11th Place Pro Women
July 22 New York City Nautica Triathlon 5th Place Pro Women
August 5 Drummondville, Quebec - ITU Triathlon 10th Place Pro Woman
August 12 Longmont, CO - ITU Triathlon 9th Place Pro Women
August 19 Kelowna, B.C. - ITU Triathlon 5th Place Pro Women
September 8 Triathlon at Pacific Grove, Pacific Grove, CA 6th Place Pro Women
September 29 Tinley's Triathlon, San Luis Obispo, CA 7th Place Pro Women
November 10 San Francisco, CA- ITU Triathlon 8th Place Pro Women


Date Event Results
April 22 Tour of Walla Walla Stage Race - Walla Walla, WA 4th GC Women Cat 1,2,3 6th TT, 2nd RR, QOM
May 7 Bloomsday 12k, Spokane, WA 9th Place (23-29 Age Group)
May 14 Honolulu, HI - ITU Triathlon 11th Place Pro Women, Fastest Bike Split
May 28 Onion Man Triathlon, Walla Walla, WA 1st Place Women, 10th Overall
June 11 Blue LakeTriathlon, Troutdale, OR 2nd Place Woman
June 17 Lewiston Grade Hill Climb - Lewiston, ID 1st Place Women
June 25 Long Beach, CA - ITU Triathlon 12th Place Pro Women
July 16 Valley Girl Triathlon, Liberty Lake, WA 1st Place Women
July 22 Tiger Triathlon, Colville, WA 1st Place Women, 8th Overall
July 23 Rock Lake Classic Road Race - Rosalia, WA 1st Place Cat 1,2,3 Woman, 11th Cat 4 Men
August 5 Bridgeport, CT - ITU Triathlon 14th Place Pro Women
August 12 Coeur d'Alene Triathlon, CDA, ID 1st PlaceWomen, 9th Overall
August 20 Kelowna, BCCanada - ITU Triathlon 4th Place Pro Women
August 26 USCF WA State Hill Climb Championships 3rd Place Cat 4 Women
September 17 Westchester, NY - ITU Triathlon 6th Place Pro Women


Date Event Results
April 24 Mt.Rainier Duathlon (8k-40k-6k), Enumclaw , WA 1st Place Woman Overall
May 1 Bloomsday 12k, Spokane , WA 8th (25-29 age group) 35th Overall Elite Women
May 22 Tempe , AZ - ITU Triathlon 21st Place Pro Women
June 5 Blue Lake Triathlon, Troutdale, OR 1st Place Woman Overall
June 12 Duathlon, Post Falls, ID 1st Place Woman Overall
June 18 Lewiston Hill Climb 2nd Place Woman Overall
July 10 NY City - ITU Triathlon 18th Pro Place Women
July 17 Valley Girl Triathlon, Liberty Lake , WA 1st Place Women Overall
July 23 Tiger Triathlon, Colville , WA 1st Place Women (4th Overall)
August 7 Baker's Cookie - ITU Triathlon, Bellingham , WA 13th Place Pro Women
August 14 Coeur d'Alene Triathlon, CDA , ID 1st Place Woman, 8th Overall
August 21 Kelowna , BC - ITU Triathlon 12th Place Pro Women
August 27 USCF WA State Hill Climb Championships 1st Cat 4 Women, 2nd Woman Overall
September 4 Boston , MA - ITU Triathlon 10th Place Pro Women
September 11 Sunday Sundae 10 miler, Spokane , WA 2nd Place Open Women 5th Woman Overall