Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hip Update

Dedication Dedication


My exercises are progressing and my pain is decreasing.  Actually, until the latest progression of exercises, I wasn’t really feeling any pain.  I was to the point where I would normally just start running again.  But since I’m trying to make my hip stronger, I’m sticking to the plan continuing with my exercises instead of running.  I notice now that when I hike or go upstairs my legs feel much stronger, my hips are level and my knees don’t fall in.  So I think I’m on the right track.  I got the OK to put clipless pedals back on my bike last week so that means it’s ok for me to use my hip flexors again.  In a couple weeks I think I get to start running a little!  I can’t wait!  I keep thinking that I should sign up for a fall race then I remember that I’ll be starting with 1 minute of running and that it will probably be a while before I’m ready for a half marathon or even a 10k, but that’s ok, I’ll just be happy to be running again.