Monday, August 26, 2013

The critters have taken over

Holy Moly! Holy Moly!


Pete bent down to turn on the sprinklers this morning and found a furry little mole staring him in the face with a, “Who me?  No, I didn’t eat through your sprinkler pipes” look on his face.  Pete called me over to see him, he was really cute, kind of like a chubby mouse without the ears.  I assume he had ears but I think they were tucked away for better sprinkler crawling.  Pete wanted to turn the sprinklers on and drown the poor little guy.  He doesn’t critters who destroy his sprinklers.  I chased him out so he wouldn’t meet a wet demise.


Later I went out to change the sprinkler and the hole where the mole had been hanging out was full of water.  I saw bubbles and was afraid that the mole would soon bob to the surface, dead. I used a stick to stir the water up a little and suddenly a big frog jumped out!  Luckily the mole must have moved out and a frog moved in.  Phew!