Sunday, August 25, 2013

Almost home

Oil change here I come! Oil change here I come!


We thought we would climb at Rattle Snake Gulch in the morning but Missoula and breakfast was calling so we packed up and headed to town.  Turns out, it wasn’t actually calling.  We couldn’t find anything open in Missoula.  We finally ended up in a truck stop diner East of West of Missoula.  I think I would have rather eaten my oatmeal out of the back of the car week but maybe it was a good way to work ourselves back into civilization.


One of the best parts of the trip is that I will need an oil change as soon as I get back.  When we bought my Subaru in 2011 we bought the Lifetime Oil Change for $500.  I’m keeping track of how much each oil change costs me.  I got an oil change on the Tuesday before we left and we will have driven almost exactly 3000 miles since then.  So, two weeks later, I get to take my car in for another oil change.  Subaru of Spokane will be so happy to see me.  This oil change will cost me less than $32 and that includes a car wash, which I really need and next time it will cost me even less!  Time to log some more miles.